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Fewer and fewer people are buying paper books, and more and more people are buying ebooks. Ebooks are the future as proven by the growing popularity of the Kindle and the demise of Borders.

We list here what devices people read ebooks on and where they buy eBooks for that device.

Kindle: Amazon was one of the pioneers in the ebook business and you use a Kindle to read the ebooks you buy on Amazon.

Nook: Barnes & Noble's reader is called Nook, and you can buy ebooks for it on Barnes & Noble

Reader Digital book: This is Sony's reader, which you can use to read books you buy from Sony's Reader Store.

iBooks: This is what Apple calls ebooks. You buy ebooks on iTunes and read it on all their devices such as iPad, iPod, and iPhone.

Google eBookstore: You can buy eBooks on the Google eBookstore, but also many smaller bookstores around the country sell books through Google eBooks. You can read Google Books on Apps and computers described below.

Apps: Most ebook sellers above have Apps you can use on your tablets and phones. So, you don't have to buy a Nook to read Barnes and Noble books. For example, you can download a Kindle App to your iPad and read Amazon ebooks on your iPad. You can usually download eBook Readers Apps at no charge.

ebook fans using computers can download ebook readers such as the Adobe Digital Editions, which is supported by most ebook sellers.

The Kindle, Nook, and Reader Digital book mentioned above are called eBook Readers. You can compare and buy eBook Readers online.

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