My Birthday

Birthday Story by Nina Shores

It was my 11th birthday and it was going to be an awesome day! I quickly felt for my glasses on my white nightstand. I was so excited that I kicked off my blankets and ran downstairs.

Delicious-looking rainbow-sprinkled chocolate glazed donuts, along with my family, were waiting for me when I got downstairs! I blew out the candle and took a big bite. It tasted like all the good things in the world were stuffed into that donut.

After we ate, I sat on the couch, my birthday hat on, and the present sitting in front of me. I felt as if I was the queen! The first awesome-looking present I opened was the cutest diary I had ever seen! It had an adorable kitty on the front, surround by pink sparkles.

The second present turned out to be an American Girl. It looked like one, at least. It was disguised in an American Girl box, but it was actually the most awesome birthday present ever! I would have been happy with an American Girl, but the Kindle Touch was sitting right in front of me and it was all mine! I was speechless.

Suddenly, it was totally quiet and all I could hear was the wrapping paper crinkle as my cute cat explored it. I thanked everyone a bunch of times and then quickly walked up the stairs, skipping steps to my room to write in my new pink diary and charge my new electronic toy.

We went to my favorite restaurant, Italian Noodle, for my birthday dinner. I could smell warm spaghetti and bread as the waiters and waitresses served them to people. I had my usual spaghetti and meatballs and was sad to leave when dinner was over.

We went home and ate homemade cake and just like that, my birthday was over. I snuggled up in bed and read Oh, Middle school by Allie Peterson on my kindle Touch.

This was a great birthday that I will never forget.

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