Why read eBooks?

Why read eBooks instead of paper books?

Allie Peterson recommends that you buy her eBooks instead of paper books. Why should you buy an eBook instead of a paper book you may ask?

An eBook is Green!
eBooks don't require paper, so they save trees. They don't require burning fossil fuel to transport them to the stores. They don't require ink. eBooks are great for the environment.

An eBook is convenient and fast!
Instead of going to a bookstore to pick up an Allie Peterson book, you can download the book and start reading it now. You get instant gratification when you buy an eBook!

An eBook is forever and never falls apart!
eBooks are stored digitally, so you can keep them forever with no wear or tear. No more ripped or missing pages. No need to ever again throw away a book.

An eBook doesn't take up space!
Paper books take up a lot of space and can be heavy, so there's a limit to how many you can store on your bookshelves or bring with you when you go somewhere. eBooks are stored digitally, so you have unlimited storage space and can take your entire eBook collection wherever you go.

eBooks are more affordable!
eBooks cost less to produce and distribute than paper books, so the price of the eBook is usually less than the paper book.

Start reading eBooks today! Learn more about how people read eBooks and check out the largest ebook sellers online.

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