eBook Reader Apps

eBook Readers Apps for different devices

Kindle App. This is the App you want to download if you do not have a Kindle, but want to read ebooks that you bought on Amazon. Choose your device below.

Nook App. This is the app you want if you want to read eBooks you bought at Barnes & Noble, but you do not have the Nook Reader. Choose your device below.

Google Books App. Use this App to read books you have download from the Google eBookstore. Choose your device below.

Sony eBook App Use this App if you do not have a Sony eReader, but want to read ebooks you have downloaded from Sony eBooks. Choose your device below

iBooks App Use this App if you bought a book from Apple's iBook Store, but you do not have an iPod, iPad, iPhone, or a Mac. Choose your device below.







iPod Touch






As you can see from above, Kindle made an App for every device, which means that you can read Kindle Amazon ebooks on any device.

Give it a try. Download the Kindle App for your device and then read Holly Barfy Christmas by Allie Peterson.

Allie Peterson books are also available on the Android Market.

Allie Peterson
Android Market

Read Allie Peterson on an App

If you have downloaded one of the Apps described on this page, try it out by choosing the app below to get Oh, Middle School by Allie Peterson.


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